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Nine SBU students qualify for PBL national competition

All nine students on the Southwest Baptist University PBL team have qualified for this year’s national competition June 24-27 in Nashville, Tenn. Qualification for the national competition is contingent on their performances at the state level.

The following students qualified for the national competition based on these state level finishes:

• Alex Barcus, junior, from Liberty, Mo., and Bethany Hash, junior, from Bolivar, Mo., won second place in Website Design.
• Elizabeth Coleman, junior, from Springfield, Mo., is the state champion in Information Management and won third place in Project Management.
• Renee Coleman, junior, from Springfield, Mo., won third place in Statistical Analysis.
• Michael Gooley, junior, from Thornfield, Mo., is the state champion in Help Desk and won fifth place in Project Management.
• Steven Harris, sophomore, from Bolivar, Mo., won second place in Cybersecurity.
• Jarrett Munton, sophomore, from O’Fallon, Ill., is the state champion in Statistical Analysis and won fourth place in Computer Concepts.
• Bobby Sterling, sophomore, from Buffalo, Mo., won second place in Information Management and fourth place in Project Management.
• Justin Stout, junior, from Gardner, Kan., is the state champion in Cybersecurity and won second place in Networking Concepts.
• Maura Sturgess, freshman, from Chillicothe, Mo., won fifth place in Microeconomics.

“This is incredibly good news,” said Dr. Tim DeClue, chair of SBU’s Department of Computer Information Science. “We are beginning to make plans now to attend the national competition and represent SBU well.”

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) is a nonprofit education association with a quarter million students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields.

For more information, contact DeClue at (417) 328-1704 or tdeclue@SBUniv.edu.

SBU takes three of top 10 spots in regional programming competition

The Southwest Baptist University competitive programming teams participated in the Consortium for Computing Sciences Central Plains Region Programming Contest on April 5 at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. The SBU teams claimed three of the top 10 spots out of a total competition field of 39 teams.

SBU’s top team comprised of Jarrett Munton (sophomore, O’Fallon, Ill.), Bobby Sterling (junior, Buffalo, Mo.) and Brady Kornrumpf (sophomore, Jefferson City, Mo.) claimed third place.

SBU’s second team involving Jason Jakusz (senior, Theodosia, Mo.), Luke Abbott (senior, Roach, Mo.) and Justin Stout (junior, Gardner, Kan.) finished in fifth place.

The third team from SBU finished in ninth place. The team included Addison Woody (sophomore, St. Joseph, Mo.), Steven Harris (sophomore, Bolivar, Mo.) and Spencer Smith (sophomore, Springfield, Mo.).

Nathan Schulz (junior, Omaha, Neb.) and Jacob Parke (freshman, Eureka, Mo.) also participated in the competition.

“The Central Plains contest is how the teams end their year, and placing three teams in the top 10 is an amazing accomplishment. It really makes me proud of our students,” said Dr. Tim DeClue, chair of the Department of Computer Information Science. “It is a blessing just to be associated with students like these. We graduate two amazing students this year but four of the students who finished on our top teams will be back. The future is very bright for this team.”

The Central Plains region of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) is one of only 10 CCSC regions in the United States and is comprised of universities from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. The Consortium is a nonprofit organization focused on promoting quality computer-oriented curricula as well as effective use of computing in smaller institutions of higher learning which are typically non-research in orientation.

For more information, please contact DeClue at (417) 328-1704 or tdeclue@SBUniv.edu.

SBU Computer and Information Sciences advisory board includes Fortune 500 companies

Southwest Baptist University’s 2014 Computer and Information Sciences Advisory Board will include representatives from two Fortune 500 companies. Wal-Mart, first on the Fortune 500 list, and Intel (54th) are sending representatives in addition to representatives from several other highly respected and innovative companies. Companies represented by the board collectively employ more than 2.8 million employees worldwide.

The complete 2014 Advisory Board consists of the following companies and representatives (listed alphabetically).

Accenture, a global company of more than 280,000 employees and the largest employer of SBU CIS graduates, will be represented by Michael Dwyer, director of research and development at Accenture’s Bolivar location.

Cerner Corp. is the largest provider of electronic medical systems in the U.S. Based in Kansas City, Cerner employs more than 8,000 employees worldwide and is the second largest employer of SBU CIS graduates. Cerner will be represented on the advisory board by Owen Straub, vice president for software engineering.

Herschend Family Entertainment, owner of Silver Dollar City and 25 other themed entertainment parks across 10 states, employs more than 10,000 people creating a significant national information technology undertaking. Summer Newberry, software development manager, will represent HFE Corp. on the 2014 CIS Advisory Board.

Intel Corp. is a world leader in silicon innovation and develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Intel employs more than 82,000 individuals, over half of whom work in the U.S. Jeff Jackson, research and development manager for Intel and an SBU CIS alumnus, represents Intel on the advisory board.

Leggett & Platt, headquartered in Carthage, Mo., is a 127-year-old company consisting of 19 business units, 20,000 employee-partners and more than 140 manufacturing facilities located in 18 countries. Leggett & Platt will be represented by Kevin Chittenden, director of information technology.

Wal-Mart Information Systems Division will be represented by Hal Correll, software architect. Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world and was the top-ranked company on the Fortune 500 list. Wal-Mart employs more than 2 million associates worldwide, all using software written by the Information Systems Division in Bentonville, Ark.

The 2014 SBU CIS Advisory Board will meet Friday, March 14, in the Gene Taylor National Free Enterprise Center on the SBU campus. For more information about SBU CIS, please contact Dr. Tim DeClue, professor and department chair, at (417) 328-1704 or tdeclue@SBUniv.edu.

SBU computer science department leads in groundbreaking course design

Southwest Baptist University Department of Computer Information Science has partnered with Angie Klein, computer science teacher at Liberty High School in Liberty, Mo., to develop an innovative computer science course curriculum.

SBU CIS created a groundbreaking design for the CIS 1033 Foundations of Computer Science course, which satisfies a general education requirement at SBU. The course design is patterned after the prototype for ETS Advanced Placement in Computer Science, which will not debut on the national stage until 2017. SBU plans to be ready to offer this course online to high schools once demand for it increases when it is accepted for advanced placement credit in 2016-17.

“SBU is in the forefront of computer science education. Our students had an amazing experience this past fall, and they may have been completely unaware of how unique it was,” said Dr. Tim DeClue, chair of the department of computer information science at SBU.

This innovative design is providing students the opportunity to experience instructional content in a general education computing course that is currently only available to a handful of institutions nationwide, including Stanford and UCLA. SBU is the only university in Missouri with this curriculum.

Professor Meilani Conley and Dr. Baochuan Lu of the SBU CIS faculty collaborated with Klein to produce a paper titled, “Teaching True Computer Science Principles to the General Student.” The paper reports on the new, leading edge course design used at SBU and Liberty High School.

DeClue also wrote a paper titled, “Computing and the Affective Domain: Learning to Love (and Persist) in Computer Science.” This research reviews the connection between real-world computing projects promoting social good and the ability of students to enjoy and persist as computer science majors.

Both papers will be published in the May 2014 issue of the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges (JCSC). The JCSC is a publication of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, an endorsed society of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the world’s largest and oldest association for computing professionals. In addition to appearing in the JCSC, the papers will be available in ACM’s searchable digital library, the leading digital library of computer science literature, world class publications and online books.

The SBU faculty will also present their work at the Central Plains regional meeting of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC-CP) in April.

For more information about SBU Department of Computer Information Science, please contact DeClue at (417) 328-1704 or tdeclue@SBUniv.edu.

SBU computer science students finish in top 20 in regional competition

SBU computer science students recently competed in a programming competition in Fayetteville, Ark. SBU’s A team finished in second place at the local site, claiming a top 20 spot in the entire mid-central U.S. region. Over 130 teams competed in the regional competition. SBU’s B and C teams finished 65th and 66th respectively.Top 20 Computer Programming Students

“We were happy with the results,” said Dr. Tim DeClue, CIS department chair and team coach. “It really came down to SBU and the Arkansas Razorbacks at our site. It was a lot of fun to see our SBU students battling it out with a powerhouse like Arkansas. They honored God with their efforts and abilities – that’s all I can ask. I am very proud of our teams.”

SBU’s A team was comprised of Luke Abbott, senior from Camdenton, Mo.; Jason Jakusz, senior from Theodosia, Mo.; and Justin Stout, junior from Gardner, Kan. The B team consisted of Brady Kornrumpf, sophomore from Jefferson City, Mo.; and Nate Schultz, sophomore from Omaha, Neb. The C team involved Jarrett Munton, sophomore from O’Fallon, Ill.; Bobby Sterling, junior from Buffalo, Mo.; and Jonathan Becker, freshman from Blue Springs, Mo. And SBU’s D team was comprised of Steven Harris, sophomore from Bolivar, Mo.; Addison Woody, sophomore from St. Joseph, Mo.; and Jacob Parke, freshman from Eureka, Mo.